Will I keep it?……or not?

Finders, Keepers? – When I read this post I can’t help asking myself…oh, yeah!…what if?…honestly… I don’t know. Keeping the item and declaring it’s mine depends on so many things. Will it depends on my situation? Will it depends on how much money will I find? – It can help with my present financial needs. Will it depends how valuable the item is? Will it depends…on what, exactly? Still… I don’t know.

Wow! this is lot harder than just saying it’s mine. There are so many reasons to keep it but I only have one reason not to keep it – my conscience.  Cheesy, right?! But writing this down and formulating all my reasons to keep it is very disturbing because there’s always a voice at the back of my mind contradicting every reason I can think of.  

Reality bites! We can’t just say, “It’s Mine.” Maybe if I’ll get into that situation I’ll be able to decide what to do.  But for now, it’s just a wishful thinking. But a good question to remind us that we are part of a community. In that, we are affecting others by the choice we made.

2 thoughts on “Will I keep it?……or not?


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