Unspoken Love in Between

Photo Challenge: Between

Bruno meets His girl


The silent admiration cannot be denied. The space between is a connection to start a long-lasting friendship – to a real canine love.

He saw her from the distance. He growled. A silhouette, undeniably beautiful. He moved forward. Closing in the distance between him and her. He stopped. He lifted his nose to the air. Sniffing. Checking… Ears were up. Bristling hair at the nape. Listening for any whispers of hesitance. Nothing. But he remained alert, ready for any threats. He looked at her again. He cannot understand the feeling. Tail standing proud and tall, started to dip low. Uneasiness creeping up. Is it fear? Doubt? Infatuations? He couldn’t possibly know. He couldn’t wait anymore. He sprinted fast, very fast toward her… then he stumbled! Big time! Embarrassed by his clumsiness, he got up quickly. And she’s there right in front of him. She was smiling. Pride was forgotten, he smiled back.

She saw him in the distance. She’s unsure but excited to see him. She yelped silently. He is the one. She sniffed the air. Pheromones were released. A wonderful feeling of completeness surging from her. She loved it. Tried to play hard to get, but her tail betrayed her. She couldn’t stopped wagging. She was waiting for too long. And he’s here. He’s worth the wait. She looked at him and found his eyes. She’s ready to welcome him. She smiled. He smiled back.



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