Terrific Tuesday Trials: Alike

This is my entry for the LenzExperiments Photography Challenge – Terrific Tuesday Trials. The first week challenge is Alike. For a newbie like me, this is a great idea and an opportunity to learn things on the blogging world. Thank you so much!

Three’s A Crowd

This photo was taken when we visited my husband’s parents two-years ago. They have like a small farm at the back of their home, housing different kind of animals. I think the ducks here were trying to settle a love-triangle.

The Runaways

I took this photo when Bruno, our black mutt, chased a herd of goats. When we got him back on leash, a Mama Goat stopped and glared at us, as if saying “Lady, control your dog!”

3 thoughts on “Terrific Tuesday Trials: Alike

  1. Very apt shots! Thanks for participating :). And am too a blogosphere novice..just started blogging last december 2013. Looking fwd to more of your posts 🙂



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