Flavor #32 make it spicy

Flavor #32

A local ice cream parlor invites you to create a new wacky flavor. It needs to channel the very essence of your personality. What’s in it?

 I love deserts, especially ice cream. In my country,  we love to eat it alone or as a bread filling. And of course we have to eat it fast. If I’ll get to make a wacky ice cream, I’ll make  a Wasabi flavored ice cream with dark chocolate and sprinkled with pinipig – a Filipino word for pounded young glutinous rice which will make the ice cream a little crunchy. I’m shamelessly obsessed with spicy food. Just imagine eating something cold and spicy at the same time, pair it up with Dark Chocolate, that will definitely make you cringe.  It’s not so bad, after all. Adding spice to a dark chocolate ice cream not only is exciting to eat, but it also helps in boosting metabolism as well as in improving the stimulation of endorphins – our brain’s feel-good neurotransmitters.

They said our personality is reflected on what we eat. Well, yes,  maybe. People may think I’m arrogant, snobbish and unsociable. Maybe because I’m not that type who talks too much. Like in my neighborhood, housewives like to stay outside to socialize with others, while I prefer to stay inside our house minding my business. People are judgmental of what they don’t know. Just like this ice cream, If you’re not going to try it you’ll never know if you’re going to love it. I may have an aloof personality, unusual to some, but once you get to know me, though I’m not the best among your friends I can assure you that you can count on me.

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