Wrong turns

Wrong Turns

When was the last time you got lost? Was it an enjoyable experience, or a stressful one? Tell us all about it.

Being lost is sometimes the most upsetting incident that one had to experience. But that’s something that we should not be embarrassed about because everyone gets lost at some point of their life. We were given the freedom or the will to choose our path. In choosing the right path, we need to know where we want to go. But sometimes we don’t really know where we want to go. This is because we are afraid of the unknown… Okay, enough with the drama, let’s jump to the real story.

One afternoon, or let’s say one night, my husband and I woke up late, around 9pm from a supposed siesta nap. We were hungry and we were both craving for a burger, however I did not have the ingredients. So we decided to eat out. We did not want the usual ones from a fast food burger, like those of McDonald’s. What we wanted was something different. Something that is greasy jaw-breaking huge meaty beef patties topped with crispy bacon and melting cheese. Not caring of the deadly cholesterol! And I had one particular in my mind. I remembered watching it when it was featured in one of the local TV shows here in the Philippines. With the help of everyone’s friend, Google, I got the name and the address of the burger joint. So opt we went.

For us 9 pm is kind of late, because we don’t own a car so we need to commute. And when I say commuting, it means we would take a jeepney.

Jeepney – Public Utility Vehicle (PUV); one of the most popular means of public transportation in the Philippines.

Taxi? Nah! I’m not so fond of taxi especially if I do not know the place where I want to go. Personally, I hardly trust a taxi driver, unless I’m familiar with the place where I’m going to. And not to mention we were going to a small burger joint not a restaurant or a hotel or any place of great significant.

Well, we knew the route of how to get to the place but we didn’t know where exactly the burger joint was. The burger joint was newly built by then. It wasn’t there before when my husband was working in that area four or five years ago.

From our house, we needed to make 3 transfers from one PUV (public utility vehicles) to another to reach our destination. On the third ride, we needed to take a tricycle because jeepneys are only available up to 6pm or 8pm.

Tricycles on the highway by Shankar S. (Oldandsolo); CC BY 2.0. A tricycle (a.k.a motor cab or trike) is another popular PUV in the Philippines. Made of a motorcycle and an attached passenger sidecar.

And this is where the problem started. Remember that we were doing this like around 10pm. So, streets were not well lighted. The tricycle driver was an old man, maybe on his 50’s and we thought he knew the street well. And when we asked him if he knew this particular burger joint, he said yes. So we trusted him. The ride should only took us like 10 minutes or so to our destination from the tricycle terminal, but we were already traveling like 30 minutes and we were just going back and forth. My husband started to get irritated that he asked the driver to stop. He checked the address again, and we were on the right street but we cannot find the burger joint, and the old man confessed that he  knew the way but he was not so familiar with all the establishments in that street. So we paid him and we decided to walk instead to find it. My husband was pissed. He was hungry. We were starving ourselves just to find the place. My husband was too proud to ask for a direction (this is one of the attitude that I don’t like much of him). He just kept walking. I couldn’t stand it anymore, just walking towards nothing, I asked a sidewalk vendor if they knew the place. And the vendor pointed us to a familiar building. The address didn’t say it’s on the 2nd floor. And the funny thing was and why the building was familiar because it was the same building where the driver dropped us off! If we only knew… but we just laughed it off. Whew! We were there at last! The place was not at all what we expected, well, maybe because it was already late, not so many customers. Kind of laid back place. Just a simple joint with table and chairs, with not so many designs or decorations, unlike with their other branches. Not so inviting kind of sort. But when they served the burgers, I’d say… everything was all worth it. We got ourselves 2 whooping large super meaty cheesy burgers! The photos below were just the basic ones on their menu. 

Burger from Hell and Ultimate Burger

We were tempted to get one of their real jawbreaker  size known as “Tombstone,” which you will get free if you can finish this in 5 minutes. Hahaha!

Tombstone of Zark’s Burger

Let’s remember that we are not alone. If we can’t find our way, never be afraid to ask for the right directions. But also, we cannot just settle on one information, we need to gather more, and then weigh our options. Whatever the result of what we chose, it won’t matter. What matter most is how are we going to deal with it. If we meet failure at the end, let’s learn from our mistakes, and start all over again. If it is a success, then be happy, be contented and be thankful, and let’s not forget where we come from.

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